Vid Bogovič

I was born in small town in the southeast, moved to Ljubljana five years ago and did one erasmus semester in Lisbon. Besides my study I like to enjoy nature, explore new places, passionate about traveling, skiing, hiking, training not very well known sport orienteering, love the vibe of Ljubljana, visiting theater, concerts.. excited to explore some amazing Slovenian landscapes with you!


Vlasta Damjanovič

I’m [VLAHS-ta] and this is my first ELASA meeting. I am looking forward to meet interesting people to share a passion for nature, art, traveling, creativity – LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE…I’m still seeking for my extroversion, fit body and hyperactivity. 😀


Lara Gligić

Love nature, fresh mornings, being in action, skiing, art, photography, music, dance, theatre, traveling, seeing the world and meeting new people.


Andraž Hudoklin

I like good food, but usually not in the morning, because I’m not a morning person. Longboarding is my way of transportation on a dry land and standup paddling on the water. I like playing guitars and drums, *ba dum tss*


Saša Kolman

I am from small village in southeast part of Slovenia, but now I live and study in Ljubljana. I like living in a city but I also like returning to my hometown, sometimes cause I miss nature. In my spare time I like to travel and explore, work with plants, go to the theatre and dance swing..


Maruša Šubic

I like to read. Draw. Create. I like rainy sundays and the cold breeze in summer nights. I like watching stars and feel like a little speck of dust. I like cartoons. Art. Watching movies more than once.Travel.