some snippets from the ELASA mini meeting in Slovenia..

1 |2016-05-03-17-38-00first some theoretical background with dr. Andrej Mihevc from the Karst Research Institute..2016-05-03-17-36-06

2|2016-05-04 10.47.02.jpgLiving karst museum in Sežana..2016-05-04-12-02-10first stop of the second day.. Living Karst museum in Sežana.. discovering karst features in real..dsc_0397some participants took the game of Hide&Seek seriously..dsc_0408and while some enjoyed the time in the Forma Viva area resting..dsc_0401others analyzed the karst landscape and its features..dsc_0444visiting Dutovlje and two awarded horticultural gardens with a strong story..dsc_0448Pepa’s karst garden.. a garden that was introduced in Hampton Court Place Flower Show 2009 and got gild medal in its category of small gardens.. and Pepas story.. a garden which got gold medal in category Artisan Gardens on RHS Chelsea flower show 2012 in London..dsc_0469International dinner in making..2016-05-04-21-34-17International dinner.. khm.. international feast..

3|2016-05-05-09-32-11-1morning sketches of Pliskovica..dsc_0521Workshop in Š of the oldest karst villages that Maks Fabiani left his mark on, special in architectural and landscape architectural point of view..DSC_0536.JPGwe focused on details, materials, use, functionality and specifics of this karstic town..dsc_0538as well as the scenic landscape arround us..2016-05-05-13-36-12-1participants seeking for the karst features..img_1290Ferrari’s garden in Štanjel..DSC_0560.JPGFerrari’s garden with the ELASA group..img_3801a tour in the Škocjan caves..dsc_0585our sleeping corner.. glamp camp park Idyll at Bloško lake.. dsc_0562ending a day with a bonefire..

4|dsc_0600morning at Bloško lake..dsc_0620small natural bridge in the Rakov Škocjan park..DSC_0631.JPGbig natural bridge in the Rakov Škocjan park..2016-05-06-11-48-26organizers trained their cooking skills.. it’s lunch time..2016-05-06-12-29-45and some relax|sport time after lunch..DSC_0662.JPGand some alone time in divine nature..dsc_0670dsc_0672dsc_0678some group photos before departure to our next destination..2016-05-06-13-45-54Cerkniško lake..2016-05-06-14-41-43-2the tour arround the intermitten Cerkniško lake..2016-05-06-16-12-23workshop time.. 2016-05-06-16-14-29consulting with assistant Nadja Penko Seidl from Biotechnical faculty, Landscape architecture department..dsc_0733dsc_0737dsc_0742dsc_07442016-05-06-20-19-04campfire dinner in park Idila..

5|2016-05-07-13-22-16-2img_9489our creative participants with a unique selfie-stick..DSC_0851.JPGready and excited for discovering city from a different perspective..13178917_10209670574783461_5147393940564568995_n13116413_10209670575103469_902245511334307066_osurvivers.. rain.. hail.. cold.. wet.. nothing can hide the happines..

6|IMG_1362_2.jpga tour arround the city.. European green capital 2016.. Ljubljana..2016-05-08-14-06-55instead of last dinner we had the last lunch.. we shared some huges.. and exchanged our last see you soon promises.. DSC_0914.JPGthe game of HIDE&SEEK was finished.. with great memories, new connections and new friends.. we concluded the meeting in Slovenia and  now we are looking forward to the next ELASA meeting.. 🙂img


Photo credit| Vid Bogovič, Lara Gligić, Alexandra Altmann

Drawing| Matthias Oberfarank